Awards & Certifications

Awards & Certifications

Awards & Certifications

Over the past 3 years, since our shift into exclusive e-commerce design and development, we've won a number of awards and received immense recognition for our accomplishments. Our team also strives to remain current, and in doing so we've earned certifications in various platforms and technologies.
Below is a list of some of the awards we've won for our favorite sites over the years.

2016 IMA Award for Riccardi

Growth Spark was hired to translate Riccardi's in-store experience to their e-commerce business and online presence. We designed the site to match Riccardi's chic, high-end aesthetic, while also letting visitors focus on the products through a minimal color palette and large, high resolution photography.

2016 IMA Award for BOSEbuild

Bose approached us with the need for a unique e-commerce experience highlighting a new product-line, BOSEbuild. Through a mix of storytelling and custom video, this was achieved in a mobile-responsive, sales-driven and interactive manner.  

2015 IMA Award for Newbury Comics

Running on a 15+ year-old shopping cart, Newbury Comics needed help re-thinking their e-commerce experience, migrating thousands of SKUs and integrating with a custom POS. Leveraging a custom-built product importer, advanced on-site search engine and unique theme settings, Newbury Comics now has real time control over a modern e-commerce website.       



2015 IMA Award for BottleKeeper

Seeing over 60% of traffic stemming from mobile, but low conversion rates, BottleKeeper came to us needing to rethink their mobile experience. After replacing video with a totally interactive product, conversion rates soared!  

2014 IMA Award for Johnny Cupcakes

After having originally re-designed the Johnny Cupcakes website in 2013, they came back for a second helping! In 2015, we did a complete refresh, focusing on creating a mobile-responsive experience that maintained their brand's quirkiness while putting product filtering and discovery front-and-center.      

2013 IMA Award for Aerolife

In the midst of repositioning, Aerolife had a new vision for their brand and needed a unique experience to reflect it. Taking a mobile-first approach and putting their core brand elements at the center of the experience, this award-winning website launched months later to a major increase in conversion.  

Below is a list of some of the certifications we've earned over the years.

ZURB Foundation Certified Partner

ZURB Foundation Certified PartnerFoundation is a front-end framework used to build responsive websites. It features code that is semantic, responsive, customizable, Rails-friendly, and accessible. Using Foundation allows us to rapidly prototype functional design ideas, meaning we can skip static wireframing and really wow our clients.