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This is the last article in our six-part series on the E-Commerce Customer Lifecycle (ECL). Website analytics is the foundation that supports every other stage of the ECL. It tells you what is working and what isn’t working, and gives clues on how to improve.

Eighty percent of buyers are one-and-done. That situation is leaving a lot of potential revenue and growth on the table. The most important aspect of e-commerce customer retention is to maximize customer lifetime value (CLV). Essentially, how much money can you make from that one customer relationship?

There comes a point when it becomes important for e-commerce businesses to establish a formal and scalable fulfillment and shipping process. Merchants that make the entire shopping process - including fulfillment and shipping - as smooth as possible for the consumer are rewarded with positive customer reviews and usually enjoy the greatest business longevity.
Why is E-Commerce SEO So Important?

Why is E-Commerce SEO So Important?

Growth Spark

Even in the lower positions on Google’s first page, ranking just one spot higher can hugely impact your bottom line. Use these 3 low-cost strategies for creating strong e-commerce SEO to make sure your product pages rank high for queries that are directly related (and not for the queries that aren’t).

E-Commerce Website Accessibility [Part 1]

E-Commerce Website Accessibility [Part 1]

Growth Spark

Consider the challenges that people with disabilities face in navigating websites. Make your Shopify e-commerce site accessible to improve your SEO, user experience, mobile experience, and bottom line.