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Color Palette

Action Green 

Hex: #A5C700

Use as a call-to-action for buttons, text links, or as a highlight color.


Dirty White 

Hex: #EBF0E8

Use as lightest alternative to white, for light backgrounds/overlays and text on dark backgrounds.


Dark Mud

Hex: #2B3129

Use as darkest alternative to black, for dark backgrounds/overlays and text on light backgrounds.


Light Grey Olive

Hex: #555F50

Use as alternative to light grey tones, can be used as subdued text color on dark background, or as a subdued background color beneath dark or light text.


Medium Forrest Camo

Hex: #333E2D

Use as an alternative to medium grey tones as backgrounds or mid-tones to black.


Link to palette:

Typography (Andy)


Heading text:

Kulturista Web bold

Highlights, supporting text(use sparingly):

Corner Store regular

Paragraph text:

Proxima Nova regular


Web Safe

Heading text:

Courier bold

Highlights, supporting text(use sparingly):

Georgia italic

Paragraph text:

Helvetica regular



Google Fonts

Heading text:

Rockitt bold

Highlights, supporting text(use sparingly):

Satisfy regular

Paragraph text:

Montserrat regular



Company Statement (Ross)

One Page:

One Paragraph:

One Line:



Ross Beyeler, Founder + CEO

Ross is the Founder and CEO of Growth Spark, an agency that provides strategy, design and development services to e-commerce companies. Since its founding in 2008, Growth Spark has completed over 350 projects with brands including Newbury Comics, Johnny Cupcakes, BottleKeeper and many more. During that time, the firm has also received awards from Interactive Media Awards, Internet Retailer and BusinessWeek. Prior to Growth Spark, Ross co-founded For Art's Sake Media, Inc., a technology company servicing the art industry, where he led the organization through its seed funding, team building and product launch. Ross is a proud alum of Babson College where he occasionally guest lectures on topics including e-commerce, design and entrepreneurship.


Andy Thayer, Creative Director

Aside from a completely underestimated addiction to Sriracha Hot Chile Sauce, you could say Andy is a real straight shooter. He holds a B.A. in Graphic Arts/Advertising and believes that almost any problem can be solved through good design. He got his start in the museum industry designing touch-based interactive exhibit kiosks, which dawned a true passion for user-experience. Outside of the office, you can catch Andy creating art out of molten rock(glassblowing), or cruising around town on a surfboard with wheels.


Tina Yeung, Designer + Coder

Tina likes to make things. Her favorite tools besides pen/paper and Illustrator, are tags and elements. She studied Graphic Design and IT at Syracuse University, where she found that she had two voids to fill--one for design and one for development. As designer and front-end developer, she is attentive to detail and curious about doing things in unconventional ways. Besides weekends full of baked goods, Tina also likes to create with yarn. Her amigurmi collection includes cupcakes, dragons, bears, bunnies, owls, and lots more in the making.


Madeleine McGreggor, Project Manager


Madeleine has been immersed in the world of e-commerce for close to a decade, having spent time at Wayfair and She earned her bachelor's degree in psychology and her innate curiosity of the human condition translated into a career focused on understanding the customer/consumer life cycle and how to best market a product. Throughout her career, she has been dedicated to different aspects of both digital and print marketing as well as product marketing. When not at work, you can likely find her in her garden or whistling while she strolls around the city.  


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    Email Signature 

    Ross Beyeler

    Growth Spark
    M: (978) 401.4141
    O: (877) 851-5286
    F: (877) 851-5286




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    Newsletter Template (Justin)
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    Blog Post Template

    Stock Imagery Guidelines:

    Use images from for the featured image of each post.

    Stay away from putting any text or graphics in the featured image itself.

    They can be totally abstract from the post topic, just something visually pleasing, artistic and engaging. 

    Unfortunately for the featured image, the file size is not auto-compressed, so anything over 1MB won't be accepted. 

    There is no need to do any photoshop editing to colorize or change the look of the chosen featured image. The CMS will automatically convert the image to fit within the design and branding of the blog.