Shopify Developer Role

Shopify Developer Role

Shopify Developer Role

Who We Are

Growth Spark is an award-winning e-commerce agency that has been in the industry for 8 years. Once a WordPress-focused web design and development shop, making a shift into e-commerce in 2014, we have since been working primarily with the Shopify platform. We pride ourselves in our agile, ever-changing process. We work in an industry that is constantly evolving and we tend to stay ahead of the game for how we approach design and development, constantly evaluating and shifting our approach to our work as the industry changes. We sincerely believe in the value of maintaining a strong work-life balance. We're a distributed team where all employees have the freedom to work from where they would like as long as all meetings are attended and all work is completed in a timely fashion. We do meet in person on a quarterly basis, whether for a company retreat, conference or event.

What We're Looking For

Growth Spark is currently looking for someone who can play the role of a 'lead developer' on a variety of Shopify-based projects. We're looking for someone who loves Shopify, has deep experience with the platform, enjoys working remotely within small teams and has strong communication skills. A few things that we'd love to see in a candidate:

  • Ability to take the lead on conversations both internal and external regarding development.
  • Confidence in their knowledge and understanding of development but still open to learning and exploring new possibilities/methods related things that they may not immediately understand.
  • Having an open mind to working through new situations that arise. Instead of saying no, it should be “I’ll look into that” and actually do so.
  • Love for Shopify but an openness and ability to work on other platforms.
  • Ready to lead and educate the internal team as well as clients when it comes to development requirements, standards, etc. You are there to educate and foster the environment for the rest of the team who are not experts.
  • Strong experience in Liquid, HTML, CSS, JS with proficiency in PHP and/or Ruby.

How Our Usual Week Works

Although things change day-to-day, we generally maintain a fairly structured communication schedule throughout our week that's anchored around the following:

  • Monday: We have a 1 - 2 hour team meeting called Projections to run through all active projects and handle any updates/resource allocation as needed.
  • Wednesday: We have a 4 - 6 hour team meeting called Connections where we focus almost entirely on 'internal' projects including developing our theme framework, defining our production standards, reviewing our own website and generally tackling any new initiatives within the company.
  • Friday: We have a 1 - 2 hour team meeting called Reflections where we review how everyone's week went and discuss any key 'lessons learned'. We're very comfortable with moving fast and making mistakes so long as we take the time to learn from them. This is something we've made a majority priority of ours as a company.

Aside from those meetings and any client-specific meetings that come up, the rest of the week is entirely flexible.

Specific Tasks You Might Tackle

Below is a sampling of the type of work that you might tackle while working with Growth Spark:

  • Product Architecture: Based on an export of a client's existing product data, we'd need you to be able to figure out the 'optimal' setup for mapping it to meet Shopify's structure. Ideally, you'd be able to use the Product API to build a Custom Import Tool that could automatically import that data into Shopify based on a CSV export of the client's existing data.
  • Collections Filtering: We'd need you to implement filtering capabilities within a Collections template. Filtering options could include size, color (displayed as swatches), product type, gender, price range, vendor, etc. We prefer to keep all of filters powered by tags and hope you do too!
  • Advanced Search Management: We often have customers that require rich search experiences, so implementation of Nextopia, Algolia and/or Swiftype is fairly common. Any experience you have with these platforms is a plus.
  • App Installation: Naturally, we'd expect you'd have the ability to install and configure any existing app within the Shopify marketplace.
  • Script Implementation: We'd need you to be comfortable implementing any sort of third-party scripts such as conversion pixels, Google Tag Manager, etc.
  • Theme Settings and Sections: We utilize sections in all of our theme framework and would expect you to be entirely comfortable in creating/managing themes using settings and sections at the core. This provides rich content management capabilities to our clients, which they seem to enjoy as much as we do!
  • Liquid Logic: Naturally, we'd expect you'd be comfortable writing any sort of liquid-based logic statements such as conditionally displaying product attributes, manipulating button text, modifying a product loop, etc.
  • Content Migration: Any familiarity you have with Shopify's other content and data related APIs (i.e. articles, customers, orders, gift cards, etc) is a plus. We handle large-scale migrations and often need to write custom scripts to handle the import/export of data for our clients.
  • Shopify Scripts: Any familiarity with Shopify Scripts and experience in building custom pricing rules is a major plus.
  • Launch Management: Naturally, we'd expect you to be comfortable in managing the launch of any website. This would include the basic store settings configuration, DNS updates, redirection imports, etc.
  • Development Standards: Any experience you can bring to the table regarding version control, performance optimization, etc. can only help!

Chat With Us

If the above sounds like something you'd be interested in, we'd love to chat! Just take a moment to fill out the form below and we'd be happy to setup a time to chat: