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Guide to Increasing Conversion

Shopify+ Obsessed .....................

ECommerce Growth Catalysts

We help e-commerce companies grow by building unique web experiences that convert visitors into customers, implementing technology that streamlines operations and using data to guide marketing decisions.

Our Approach

Our Growth Spark offering is a full-service engagement that will give you all of the tools you need to launch your eCommerce business. Because this program sticks strictly to our predefined scope and minimizes custom coding, we’re able to provide you with a mature website at a fraction of the cost and time of a typical full build.


Managing Director

Jared Shaner

Jared is a highly experience brand strategist and agency leader who focuses on assisting growth stage brands to reach their full potential and expedite their growth. He has personally advised numerous DTC brands from <$1M to over $50M ARR under his support.

Production Manager

Justin Hiltz

Justin has been enamored with technology for the majority of his life. His very first computer was an IBM PS/2, and it was love at first DOS prompt. He spent the last 10 years working in the music and fashion industries (ask him about the “good ol’ days.”) He now helps handle marketing and software implementation at Growth Spark, where his appetite for exploring and explaining new systems is satiated. When he’s not writing about himself in third person, he can be found: drinking coffee, playing tabletop and video games, discovering new music, or reading.

Design Lead

Nicole Dean

Nicole has experience designing various branded graphics and marketing material. Throughout her career, Nicole has moved up the ladder starting with writing blog posts, designing a multitude of graphics for print and digital, learning the basics of Frontend Development, and now currently leads the UXUI direction of websites for our clients. She loves taking a client's current website and solving their problems with simple eCommerce solutions.

project manager

Sarah Pupillo

Sarah is a former elementary school teacher turned project manager who is e-Commerce OBSESSED. Making the switch from a teaching career into the PM world was a no-brainer. She gets to use communication, collaboration, data-diving, and coaching in my everyday duties - just in a different way. At Growth Spark, the team really internalizes our core values of honesty, problem-solving, growth, and demonstrating through results.

Head of Sales

Jack D'Errico

Jack comes to Growth Spark bright-eyed and bushy-tailed from the University of Miami. His background in Economics and Marketing coupled with an unrivaled spirit bring a fresh perspective into the ecommerce world. Jack’s past endeavors with Verizon FIOS proved his fortitude in the sales industry and he is passionate to duplicate his success at Trellis. He is excited to strengthen current partner relationships and establish even more robust partnerships in the future. Jack loves to work collaboratively and is eager to help you and your business grow.

Shopify Conversion Optimization

Conversion rate is, quite simply, the percentage of your visitors that complete a purchase from your online shop. Increasing or optimizing for conversion is therefore quite important! In our 7-part Guide to Increasing Conversion we’ll cover all the basics to Increasing Conversion and introduce you to proven e-commerce functionality including, but not limited to, live chat, loyalty programs, and back in stock notifications! Sign up now and we’ll deliver tips and best practices about each straight to your inbox!