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What is a FlexFund?

A FlexFund is simply a block of 30 pre-paid hours that can be used to handle any task related to improving your e-commerce business. From content updates and analytic reviews, to app installation and banner design, a FlexFund will cover it.


Why a FlexFund Matters

The e-commerce industry is evolving on a continual basis. New platforms and best practices emerge regularly. If you want to remain competitive in the market, your website must continue to evolve as well. This means adding new functionality, enhancing design, improving analytics and refining messaging. Continual optimization of your website is the key to growing sales over the long-haul. To aid our clients in these ongoing improvements, and to make managing the process as simple as possible, we created FlexFund.


How a FlexFund Works

As a FlexFund client, you'll be assigned a dedicated Account Manager along with your own client portal (using Basecamp) where we can manage all of your support requests. This keeps our entire team informed on the latest happenings in your business and allows us to quickly jump into requests as they arrive. All requests are billed against your pre-paid block of time until it’s depleted, at which point, you'll have the option to purchase another FlexFund block so we can continue providing support.

We strive to respond to all correspondence within one business day, with turnaround time for requests varying depending on the job and our bandwidth. We’ll always seek approval for any requests that would take over an hour, or those that would exceed your balance, so you won’t have to worry about burning through your FlexFund unexpectedly!

For those larger requests that go beyond 30 hours, we’ll typically suggest scoping them out as their own flat-rate project. This ensures they’re given the proper time and process to be executed effectively while also locking in a fixed-cost to meet your budgetary needs.

Cost of a FlexFund

Each FlexFund consists of 30 pre-paid hours billed at $175 per hour, putting the total cost at $5,250.


Start Capitalizing on Your FlexFund

For new clients who are looking to create an immediate impact on their business, we often suggest using a portion of your FlexFund, typically 10 - 15 hours, to conduct a Strategy Audit to kickoff our work together. This Audit is a comprehensive review of your e-commerce business across five key areas: customer acquisition, conversion optimization, fulfillment management, customer retention and analytics. We'll examine each of these aspects of your business and produce a Strategic Roadmap that outlines a one-year growth plan for your business. We’ll then work with you to prioritize these recommendations into initiatives that will have the most impact on your business. We’ll then be able to use your FlexFund to tackle these tasks and serve as a proactive partner in the growth of your company.

get started

Are you interested in the continued growth of your e-commerce business? Growth Spark can help!

Our FlexFund is perfect for keeping your online store in tip-top shape! Contact us today and start capitalizing on your FlexFund