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Cubii gets Dressed to Impress

Cubii is dedicated to getting sitting people moving - without even asking them to get up. There’s a reason why they were ranked as one of the top gifts of 2017 by TIME: their ingenious solution, a hands-free elliptical that fits under your desk or sits unobtrusively on the floor, enables you to fit in exercise during otherwise stationary activities, like working at a desk or watching television. Their products are fully connected and able to sync with your favorite fitness tracker, and designed to be a beautiful addition to any room.


Flex For Your Followers

When Cubii came to us, they had a website that was difficult to use and update, with outdated branding that confused incoming customers. Because their product is so unique, it’s critical that customers understand exactly what a Cubii is immediately, right on their homepage, instead of having to click through to any product listings.

Our first move was to create a Shopify website for Cubii, as their original website was built in a way that made any edits cumbersome. We then took the Cubii team’s vision and created a subtly animated home screen that displays the product at work in the background. In addition, this approach added significant functionality to their website, namely full CMS control and Meteor Mega Menu (formerly Bacon Mega Menu).

Because their product is so unique, they needed a website that would show it off and demonstrate value, without bogging down viewers with technical details too early in this buying journey


Dynamic Demonstrations

The design challenge that Cubii brought to us was communicating exactly what their product was, without having a complicated written explanation that would lose all but the most focused viewers.

The Power of Visual Media

Our Creative Director, Andy Thayer, created the perfect solution: on the home page, after you see the initial animation displaying the product, your understanding of what the Cubii is grows as you scroll, with the background showcasing a series of very short animations of the Cubii at work. This provided a simple solution to what had seemed to be a complicated problem: showing customers how the Cubii worked in the real world, and helping them to imagine actually using it.

These background animations support a Hero video image on the home page, as well as gorgeous product shots that show every angle of the product. The focus of the majority of visual images is on the product in normal use, which calls out a variety of situations in which the customer may enjoy the product.

Keep Fit

While You Sit


Off To The Races

The Cubii is such an interesting, innovative and unique product - and it was a thrill to help it succeed! As designers, developers and, well, office workers, we really appreciate what this brand is doing for the average 9-to-5-er, and we had a great time working with their internal team to make sure their website was exactly on point with what they needed.

Additional Work