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Learn By Doing

BOSEbuild is a specialized division of Bose that focuses on products that offer a unique learning experience to kids. Their flagship product is the BOSEbuild Speaker Cube. A Bluetooth speaker that kids build and customize themselves, all while learning about how sound works through magnets and electromagnets. It's a really fantastic product, and it was a pleasure to work with them to bring their Shopify site to life.


Not Your Everyday Retail Site

BOSEbuild came to us with their product and they had a good idea on how they wanted to present it digitally, so we worked very closely with them to see their vision through. This wasn't your standard e-commerce site that puts products and price up front, the customer needed to be educated first, by way of a linear story.

Through iterative wireframes and storyboarding, we were able to bring this vision to life. Our Creative Director, Andy Thayer, said, "We were thinking outside of the box and wanted to push ourselves with a challenge to stir up the educational toy industry."

We needed to educate the customers first, and tell a linear, compelling story before we could present them with a specific product and price.


Outstanding Achievement Award

This project resulted not only in a great website for BOSEbuild, but national recognition for Growth Spark! We won an Interactive Media Award for our work on this project, which confirmed that we were able to innovate in the toy and education space in a way no other company had previously.

Changing How Education & Kids Products Are Sold

A major challenge with the BOSEbuild project is that their flagship product, the BOSEbuild Speaker Cube, is not meant to be a standard toy, but a mix between a toy and educational item. Their core market includes parents, but focuses on educators. To tell their story, we would need to appeal to a wide variety of people with very different goals: teachers, looking to educate their students; parents, looking to both educate and entertain their children; kids, who want to have a great time and make something cool.


How Your World Works


Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

We were able to build a compelling story around the BOSEbuild Speaker Cube by combining design principles from a variety of industries, including enterprise technology, toys, education, and of course, classic e-commerce retail. The site has been an incredible success and continues to thrive well after the launch.

Additional Work