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Guide to Increasing Conversion

In our 7-part Guide to Increasing Conversion we'll introduce you to proven e-commerce functionality including, but not limited to, live chat, loyalty programs, and back in stock notifications! Sign up now and we'll deliver tips and best practices about each straight to your inbox!

Shopify Training

Shopify Training

Shopify Training

Learning a new piece of software can be difficult. Shopify is a powerful e-commerce platform with a myriad of options that can leave one feeling overwhelmed. We can help you learn the ins-and-outs of the platform, from the built-in settings to any 3rd party apps you have installed. We can even assist you in moving from your previous e-commerce platform so you can spend your time running your business, not poring over data.

1. Shopify Platform Review

We'll help you get the most out of Shopify's built-in settings and functions. When you're done with your training you'll know how to create customer groups, manage your products, and navigate the Shopify backend with confidence! Anything you want to know about your new cart, we'll teach you!

2. Shopify Theme / App Review

In our Theme or App review we'll show you how to manage your theme or configure your favorite Shopify apps. We'll run you through all of your theme’s custom settings so you'll feel confident in making changes when the situation calls for it. You'll also learn whether you're using the right apps to keep your business running as efficiently as possible!

3. Shopify Data Management & Migration Review

Migrating your business can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be if you have an expert team to help you through it. With our Data Management & Migration Review we'll assist you with moving all your important content to Shopify. We'll show you how to map your redirects to avoid those pesky 404 errors, and prepare you to move all your valuable blog content, customer data, and of course: your products.


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