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Guide to Increasing Conversion

In our 7-part Guide to Increasing Conversion we'll introduce you to proven e-commerce functionality including, but not limited to, live chat, loyalty programs, and back in stock notifications! Sign up now and we'll deliver tips and best practices about each straight to your inbox!

Shopify Support

Shopify Support

Shopify Support

Shopify is an ever-evolving platform. We understand if you can't keep up with all the changes, and you want to rest easy knowing that your site will continue to function properly as time goes on. Our various Shopify Support options can alleviate those woes. Whether you need to optimize performance by getting rid of apps you don't use, or want to add more functionality to your site, we'll be able to help.

1. Shopify Design Changes

Did your brand have an identity overhaul? We can apply those new digs to your site! Are your customers requesting certain functionality that your theme simply doesn't support? We can add it! Anything related to your site's aesthetics or user experience can be tweaked and overhauled with our Design Change Support.

2. Shopify Development Changes

Did the theme we built for you stop rendering properly in your customers' browser of choice? We'll eradicate those bugs and make sure everything is back in working order. Or maybe you had a new feature you wanted to add to one of the apps we created for you, we can implement it! Maybe a core piece of software that let you manage your business stopped interacting with Shopify, we'll make sure they start talking again.

3. Shopify Content Changes

Did your product requirements become a little more complicated? We'll make sure those products are integrated properly into your backend. Did you decide to start blogging within Shopify's blog platform? We'll make sure your content looks great in its new home. Any type of content you decide to implement, we'll ensure it functions and displays properly within your site.


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