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Guide to Increasing Conversion

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Shopify Development

Shopify Development

Shopify Development

At Growth Spark, we believe in using the best solutions for our clients. A key reason we love Shopify is because of the amazing built-in features already included. However, when the best solutions aren’t available ‘off-the-shelf,’ we can develop custom themes, apps, and integrations whenever the job calls for it. We develop with e-commerce best practices in mind, always optimizing for SEO, performance, and a great customer experience. At the core of our development approach is the principle that your site should be easy for you to administer. This ensures your customers aren't the only ones having a great experience, and that you feel empowered to manage your site without us.

1. Shopify Theme Development

When it comes to Shopify Theme Development we create custom themes that will communicate your brand effectively. All of our themes are based off our core ‘starter theme’, a robust Shopify framework that incorporates best-practices with regards to the structure and functionality that you’d expect from a Shopify theme. If those functions don't fully serve your needs we can build custom functionality, or install 3rd party apps to ensure that everything works as you envision.

2. Shopify App Development

If you have an idea for your site that hasn't been solved by the ‘pre-built’ offerings in Shopify's App Store then we can build you a custom solution. We have PHP and Ruby experience, leaving us more than capable to help you make your ideas come to life.

3. Shopify Integration Development

While there are plenty of platforms that integrate with Shopify directly, you may already use certain software or solutions in your business that you simply can't live without. We're fully capable of working with 3rd party APIs and databases, allowing us to build custom integrations that let you run your e-commerce business the way you want.


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