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Guide to Increasing Conversion

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Shopify Design

Shopify Design

Shopify Design

We believe in a mobile-first approach to design, ensuring that all of our projects are future-proof and accessible to all users. With our unique ‘live prototyping’ method, you won't have to imagine how your site looks and feels as you wade through weeks of static wireframes and mockups but rather start interacting with a version of your site within our first meeting. Using this prototype as a foundation, we’ll cater the experience to what makes your business unique, whether you’re a single-product company or an entire marketplace of SKUs. Combining a speed-oriented process with a focus on user experience, we can efficiently deliver a unique and conversion-optimized design for your business.

1. Shopify Structural & UX Design

In the world of e-commerce, there are a number of industry-proven best practices as it relates to the design of your website. We embrace these best practices by creating mobile-optimized Shopify themes with a clean and simple structure. Whether creating a unique and interactive showcase for your products or building intuitive site navigation and search filtering, we’ll create a solid structure that is geared to help you sell your products.

2. Shopify Aesthetics & UI Design

Representing your brand accurately on your e-commerce site builds trust and confidence in your customers. We’ll take your existing brand identity and use it to create a Shopify site that represents and communicates your brand effectively, while providing a great customer experience. Whether you provide us with only your logo or an entire multiple-page style guide, we're comfortable working in unspecified or specified brand guidelines to help business come to life online.


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