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E-Commerce Consulting

Growth Spark

Whether you are looking to optimize conversion, improve operations or create a strategic plan for growing your business, we’ll guide you with best practices for running an e-commerce business that lasts well into the future. We’ll also prepare you for tomorrow’s challenges by ensuring your site is scalable and built for performance.

1. Roadmapping / Growth Planning

In helping you plan for the future, we'll walk you through our E-Commerce Customer Lifecycle (ECL), a framework of best practices geared towards growing and maintaining your business. We'll focus on acquiring customers through various marketing channels, converting your customers using proven on-site strategies, and finding areas where your fulfillment process can be streamlined. We'll analyze the things you are and aren't doing, and ensure you are utilizing everything at your disposal to streamline and grow your business.

2. Conversion Optimization

When optimizing your conversion strategy, we'll start by examining your existing data via Google Analytics and Shopify Reports to identify opportunities for improvement. We're well-versed in the best practices of design and functionality that improve the user experience and drive sales. We’ll examine ways to restructure your content, add improved navigability and enhance customer buying tools via a variety of 3rd party integrations. This route reduces the need for costly development spent on implementing crucial e-commerce features. There are certain proven features in e-commerce, we know them and we'll make sure you're using them.

3. Operational Infrastructure Review

One of the biggest advantages to running an e-commerce business is the reduced size of a physical footprint. However, at the end of the day, you're still dealing with physical products and people that help you get that product into your customer's hands. We'll help you better manage your site, perfect customer service, and streamline your fulfillment for both speed and cost. You'll come to understand every aspect of running an e-commerce business and be prepared to tackle the challenges inherent within.


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