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Guide to Increasing Conversion

In our 7-part Guide to Increasing Conversion we'll introduce you to proven e-commerce functionality including, but not limited to, live chat, loyalty programs, and back in stock notifications! Sign up now and we'll deliver tips and best practices about each straight to your inbox!


Process Overview

Process Overview

Process Overview

Most clients come to us because they're dealing with one or more of the following challenges:

  • Poor conversion rates
  • Substantial changes in their brand or products
  • Operational or technology inefficiencies

We love solving these types of problems and have devised a process that allows us to do so with maximum result. When working with new clients to tackle these challenges, we have three phases of engagement: Strategy Sprint, Design/Build Sprint and Optimization Sprints. Before discussing the value of each phase and what they entail, it's important to understand the beliefs we hold in the world of e-commerce as they drive our entire process. We believe . . .

  1. Growing an e-commerce business is about improving only four numbers: traffic, conversion rate, order size and margin.
  2. Those numbers are improved by focusing on the relationship you have with your customers across their buying journey.
  3. That buying journey can be broken into five stages: acquisition, conversion, fulfillment, retention and measurement.
  4. The likelihood of a customer completing that journey is a reflection of the experience your brand provides across every touch point.
  5. Those experiences should embrace the themes of humanity, narrative and consistency.
  6. Speed, whether getting to market, site load time, product delivery, support response time, etc, is everything in e-commerce.
  7. Most operational challenges can be solved with a combination of off-the-shelf solutions and smart integration.
  8. Data should drive decision making, but only when it's valid and substantial.

Planning Phase