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Guide to Increasing Conversion

In our 7-part Guide to Increasing Conversion we'll introduce you to proven e-commerce functionality including, but not limited to, live chat, loyalty programs, and back in stock notifications! Sign up now and we'll deliver tips and best practices about each straight to your inbox!

Support Phase

Support Phase

Support Phase

The Support Phase is the on-going support and assistance we provide our clients once our core project has been completed. We do not require an on-going monthly support engagement and rather favor more flexible support arrangements that provide our clients support when they need it most.

1. Warranty

The Warranty period starts the day after launch and last four weeks and includes continued active project communication along with support for any bugs identified against design, functionality, integration or content requirements specified in the Delivery Scope.

2. FlexFund Support

The FlexFund is a pre-paid block of 30 hours that can cover any out-of-scope items prior-to, during and after the Warranty phase. It can be utilized for simple content updates or for more complex design / development tasks. It must be used within one year of Project Launch.

3. Roadmap Reviews

The Roadmap Reviews are quarterly calls / meetings with our clients to review their E-Commerce Strategy Roadmap and evaluate potential initiatives that can continue to drive the growth of their business.