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(Contributed by Photoslurp) Your customers' content is the best asset to convert visitors into buyers - customer content is 5X more likely to convert than professional content! Your customers are already posting posting pictures with products on social media. The trick is to encourage them to post with your products, then establishing a self-generating cycle of fresh content that will help drive conversions for your brand.

Even if your product doesn't change with the seasons, you can still leverage the relevancy and immediacy of calendar-related events with seasonal promotions to boost sales and reinforce your brand.

Shopify Store Resolutions Every Owner Should Make

Shopify Store Resolutions Every Owner Should Make

Rebecca Gatesman

Is your Shopify store ready to dominate in 2018? If you follow these resolutions this January, get ready to have the most profitable year ever!

Podcasting With Shopify: Episode 1

Podcasting With Shopify: Episode 1

Ross Beyeler

I recently sat down with Shopify’s Keir Whitaker for the first installment of the Ecommerce Customer Lifecycle podcast. After a few conversations, and directing Keir toward a blog post of mine about this very topic, we decided to record and publish a four (or five) part series of discussions on this integral part of doing business online.Here in part 1, we look at simple question with a less-than-simple answer: How do I get more people to visit my website?You can read a little more background information, get the rundown on the series, and listen to the full podcast here.

This past Wednesday we gave a presentation on Conversion-Optimized Design at Harvard University. The presentation was made possible thanks to the Harvard Web Working Group, a loose association of designers and developers working within the various organizations and facilities of Harvard.The focus of the talk was addressing how businesses and organizations can use tools and techniques to understand their online audience and their motives. The talk also covered broad considerations necessary for organizations intending to implement a conversion-optimizing system into their workflow. Conversion-Optimized Design We began with an overview of conversion, defining it as an action. While it's true that,...