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IdeaPaint is the first patented dry erase paint, the category inventor, and the industry gold standard. Yet their previous WooCommerce online store was holding the company back from quickly and easily responding to their customers’ needs and interests.
E-Commerce Website Accessibility [Part 2]

E-Commerce Website Accessibility [Part 2]

Growth Spark

E-commerce website accessibility makes your websites easier for everyone to use, including users with a wide range of disabilities. It's the right thing to do, plus it means a larger customer base, more conversions, and greater potential revenue.
Shopify Store Resolutions Every Owner Should Make

Shopify Store Resolutions Every Owner Should Make

Rebecca Gatesman

Is your Shopify store ready to dominate in 2018? If you follow these resolutions this January, get ready to have the most profitable year ever!

Our web designer and front end developer Tina Yeung recently wrote an article for Website Magazine about the often overlooked power of the website footer. Not only does she explain the common uses of a site footer for contact information, copyright dates, and basic “about” copy, but also talks about the function of a footer within the context of the rest of the site. Footers can (and should) provide as much value and guidance as the rest of the site. By including design elements, site maps, navigation links, and other relevant pieces of content, a footer can actually function to...

Bulletproof Your Designs with the Golden Ratio

Bulletproof Your Designs with the Golden Ratio

Ross Beyeler

One of the first things graphic design students learn are grids. What is a grid system? It’s a series of horizontal and vertical lines that divides the canvas into areas for ordering graphical elements such as text and images. Think about it as the foundation of a house, it holds all the different pieces together but are unseen. Where do grids come from? We’re not going to go through a history lesson but we are going to talk a little math. Grids are made from rational and irrational ratios. The irrational ratio for creating cohesive web designs that we are...