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An Introduction to Images Building your Shopify store is an opportunity to share your product or service with customers in a new environment: e-commerce! A great way to start designing that environment is thinking about the images you will need to use in your Shopify store. Photography and other forms of media are essential for your website, as they play a significant role in the experience each user has. In fact, 2/3 of users would rather consume information that is beautifully designed than content with plain presentation. In this article, we’ll explore recommendations for the best ways to use media...

According to Brainshark, a leading e-commerce video marketing and technology company, 52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the content type with the best ROI. This, along with a laundry-list of other encouraging video statistics, should whet the appetite of any e-commerce marketer. In this article, we explore four steps to utilizing video as part of your overall e-commerce marketing strategy: Planning Your Video One of the first decisions to make with regards to e-commerce video marketing is the theme or focus of your video. Video, just as writing, is a storytelling device that can be used in a...