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AI is empowering small businesses to leverage customer service in a way that makes them competitive - and even preferable - to the retail giants.
E-Commerce Website Accessibility [Part 2]

E-Commerce Website Accessibility [Part 2]

Growth Spark

E-commerce website accessibility makes your websites easier for everyone to use, including users with a wide range of disabilities. It's the right thing to do, plus it means a larger customer base, more conversions, and greater potential revenue.
E-Commerce Website Accessibility [Part 1]

E-Commerce Website Accessibility [Part 1]

Growth Spark

Consider the challenges that people with disabilities face in navigating websites. Make your Shopify e-commerce site accessible to improve your SEO, user experience, mobile experience, and bottom line.
It was time for Cabbage Patch Kids to get a new website to reinforce its strong, enduring brand presence and deliver a mobile-responsive experience, and a new platform to help staff more easily manage the e-commerce store’s back end. The company made the decision to transition from Magento to Shopify.
The importance of an intuitive user experience (UX) when your Shopify ecommerce site has over 200 products.