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Design projects are not the quickest - that’s something we’ve all come to accept - but because clients are usually under pressure to get things done in a hurry, we’ve learned the importance of expediting whatever components of the process we can. No good designer wants to sacrifice quality for speed, but there are plenty of instances where the typical designer may overlook a simple solution in favor of a design-heavy option - and this simply isn’t necessary in a lot of cases. The “80/20 Rule” is a concept applied to many different areas, essentially saying that the majority of...

Why You Need to Date Your Web Designer

Why You Need to Date Your Web Designer

Ross Beyeler

It was Tuesday morning and I opened my inbox to see an email from a new potential client, Mindy. I gave the number she provided a ring and immediately connected to her voice on the other line. She was excited that we had a chance to speak so quickly and immediately explained how her family-owned manufacturing company was interested in spinning out their own line of leather gloves via a new ecommerce website. Mindy wanted to find out how much her project would cost and how long it would take to build. She wanted to get a proposal by the...

Tom works at a company that has been successfully selling traditional media advertising for the past twenty or so years. Like everyone else, they've seen the huge shift in advertising spend over the last five years to digital channels. Although well established, the company has a number of hungry young managers, Tom among them, that are striving to keep the company relevant.Tom has been granted a small budget to pursue the digital opportunities he felt were worthwhile for the company. One such opportunity was to extend one of their existing products into a region-specific ecommerce offering.Tom was excited to share...