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Defeating The Design Time Sink

Defeating The Design Time Sink

Ross Beyeler

In taking a good, honest look at some of our processes, we made a not-so-pleasant discovery: our projects were taking a lot longer than they should. We analyzed and we dug, and eventually we came up with a few core problems that were dragging out the design process. Because these kinds of issues aren’t unique to our firm, or even unique to the custom website business, I put together an article for Branding Magazine describing the problems we discovered - and the solutions we’re implementing to overcome them. Read the full article here.

We recently had an opportunity to help an e-commerce client of ours in a major way. They came to us looking for a redesign of their company website, but when we started to dig into the details, it became pretty clear that before they worried about web design, they had to worry about process design. Unfortunately, they were making things far more difficult than they had to be, tracking orders with spreadsheets and emails, keeping important documents locally (on one computer), and generally slowing down their great business with clunky processes. Before we could even think about building a website,...

We recently wrote an in-depth piece featured by Mobile Commerce Daily that discusses the top characteristics to consider when reviewing a mobile payment platform for your retail business including: Payment Processing Point-of-Sale Interface Inventory Management Product Analytics Customer Analytics Loyalty Programs Shopping Cart Integration Turnkey Versus White-Label Payment Devices Payment Technologies Pricing Read the full article here: How Retailers Should Select Their Mobile Payment Platform

We were recently interviewed by The Wall Street Journal on our thoughts regarding the use of cloud-based software for running operations in small-to-mid-sized companies. Joseph, the article's author, makes the point that cloud-based software not only provides low-cost access to powerful tools but also allows small business owners to get their various tools to 'speak' using APIs, plugins and other 'connective technology'.Read the full article here: Getting Software Tools to Work Together