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Linear Responsive Design

Linear Responsive Design

Ross Beyeler

As responsive design and mobile-first design become more widely practiced, we begin to see different methods and techniques being introduced. The linear approach or the long one-page site has been increasingly popular. The elevator pitch for one-page sites is that it’s clean, simple, and mobile-responsive. The one-page design approach not only creates a story-driven website but also forces us to really think about the website in terms of content first. But are there downfalls? Are responsive websites too long? Will readers get bored or be better engaged? This article will talk about the major advantages to the linear responsive design...

We're big believers in the power of narrative when it comes to web strategy. People buy into stories, not facts. However, getting the ball rolling on shaping that narrative can often be tough. We've found the your following questions great starting points to uncovering how your narrative should be shaped:Who is coming to your website?This question looks at the different target audiences that will be coming to your website. It's important to understand these target audiences in as much detail as possible. Defining their demographics, psychographics, technology familiarity, marketing sensitivity, etc. are all helpful ways to better articulate your audience...