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(Contributed by Photoslurp) Your customers' content is the best asset to convert visitors into buyers - customer content is 5X more likely to convert than professional content! Your customers are already posting posting pictures with products on social media. The trick is to encourage them to post with your products, then establishing a self-generating cycle of fresh content that will help drive conversions for your brand.

Increase customer lifetime value (CLV) by customizing the standard Shopify e-commerce transaction emails like order confirmations, shipping notifications, and cart recovery emails.



The two weeks before any gift giving holiday can be quite stressful, especially for customers who haven’t yet picked a gift for a friend or family member. You could almost argue that it’s human nature to leave gift selection to the last minute. As a Shopify store owner, make sure you make the most of these frenzied shopping seasons by following these 5 steps...

3 Steps to Effective Email Segmentation

3 Steps to Effective Email Segmentation

Rebecca Gatesman

By Beth Foster When you look at the data, there’s no denying that the age-old strategy of email marketing has proven timeless, year over year. Market research firm WBR Digital found that a shocking 80% of retail professionals indicated email marketing as their greatest driver of customer retention. With a marketing tool this powerful, your email list is one of your business’ greatest assets. To make the most of it, smart customer segmentation is critical. No two email addresses are the same, and neither are the current and future customers behind them. Effective customer segmentation begins with recognizing that there...

Web Analytics & Your Business You’ve likely heard the quote “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half” (usually attributed to US Department Store Merchant, John Wanamaker). Well, you can scrub that one from your mind when it comes to digital marketing because wasted ad spend is a measurement and attribution problem. Companies even as big as Google have been working on the attribution problem for some time now. While there’s no “single answer” for every company, digital marketing attribution has thoroughly surpassed the “50% wasted ad spend” point. In fact,...