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Web Analytics & Your Business You’ve likely heard the quote “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half” (usually attributed to US Department Store Merchant, John Wanamaker). Well, you can scrub that one from your mind when it comes to digital marketing because wasted ad spend is a measurement and attribution problem. Companies even as big as Google have been working on the attribution problem for some time now. While there’s no “single answer” for every company, digital marketing attribution has thoroughly surpassed the “50% wasted ad spend” point. In fact,...

As an expansion on a previous post regarding the calculation of Gross Profit per Visitor, we wrote a piece for Power Retail that provides a step-by-step breakdown on configuring your Google Analytics account to calculate Gross Profit per Visitor.Read the full article here: How to Configure Google Analytics to Calculate Gross Profit Per Visitor

Here is an all-too-common scenario we hear from new incoming clients: Six months ago you launched the newest version of your website (three months later than you originally anticipated) and had Jim your IT guy setup Google Analytics because someone said it’s a great tool to have. A few weeks later you logged in and saw a dizzying array of graphs and charts, a few numbers called ‘Bounce Rate’ and ‘Unique Visitors’ and quickly clicked out to get back to your email. I don’t blame you - I did the same exact thing for years and I run a company...