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Shopify merchants are able to outsource functions like customer service, marketing, and fulfillment to manage their businesses remotely and grow without the cost and resource-heavy needs of the past.

Shopify Store Resolutions Every Owner Should Make

Shopify Store Resolutions Every Owner Should Make

Rebecca Gatesman

Is your Shopify store ready to dominate in 2018? If you follow these resolutions this January, get ready to have the most profitable year ever!

When your customers come to your Shopify ecommerce store, you want them to be met with enticing content, appropriate images, and an easy check-out experience. To achieve this, you invest in well-written product descriptions and FAQs, create an appealing visual experience, and troubleshoot your sales funnel until it’s perfect. This works well for a while, but as your store expands, customers from around the globe start pouring in - and struggling with your site.

Shopify ecommerce entrepreneurs need to protect their businesses from a variety of types of fraud, but it's possible to go too far. These tips will help you take a balanced approach that keeps your store safe, and your customers happy.

Recently I had the chance to sit down with Brian Anderson, Founder of Dem Vibes, and discuss his experience starting an e-commerce business. Dem Vibes is a leading brand for high quality EDM inspired clothing. Brian started Dem Vibes in April 2015 and in less than 6 months into the top 2% of Shopify stores for growth performance and traffic. During our conversation, we explored how Brian got started with Dem Vibes and some of the advice he wish he had received when first getting off the ground. In this article, we'll look at four key take-aways from that conversation that...