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This is the 1st post in our 5-part blog series exploring the huge returns you can see by using successful e-commerce promotions. The series will cover: Price Discounts Buy One Get One (BOGO) Free Shipping Bundling Bulk Pricing We’ll walk you through how to strategically plan each type of promotions, and show you how to execute them in Shopify. Follow them all to get valuable tips for growing your business! Discounts are everywhere. Every online store seems to be announcing “15% off!” or sending emails with “Spend $100, Save $10” offers. So how are you supposed to run a profitable business...

If you have been around the ecommerce game since its beginnings in the 90’s you know that the game has changed drastically. Back then if you had the capability to build an ecommerce website you were part of a select group which gave you enough to be competitive.As more retailers moved online it became a marketing game. Who could get the most traffic to their store to make a purchase. Search Engine Marketing became the standard and for the most part still is today. The problem in today’s ecommerce atmosphere is that there is much more competition and ads are...