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Defeating The Design Time Sink

Defeating The Design Time Sink

Ross Beyeler

In taking a good, honest look at some of our processes, we made a not-so-pleasant discovery: our projects were taking a lot longer than they should. We analyzed and we dug, and eventually we came up with a few core problems that were dragging out the design process. Because these kinds of issues aren’t unique to our firm, or even unique to the custom website business, I put together an article for Branding Magazine describing the problems we discovered - and the solutions we’re implementing to overcome them. Read the full article here.

Our web designer and front end developer Tina Yeung recently wrote an article for Website Magazine about the often overlooked power of the website footer. Not only does she explain the common uses of a site footer for contact information, copyright dates, and basic “about” copy, but also talks about the function of a footer within the context of the rest of the site. Footers can (and should) provide as much value and guidance as the rest of the site. By including design elements, site maps, navigation links, and other relevant pieces of content, a footer can actually function to...

We recently had an opportunity to help an e-commerce client of ours in a major way. They came to us looking for a redesign of their company website, but when we started to dig into the details, it became pretty clear that before they worried about web design, they had to worry about process design. Unfortunately, they were making things far more difficult than they had to be, tracking orders with spreadsheets and emails, keeping important documents locally (on one computer), and generally slowing down their great business with clunky processes. Before we could even think about building a website,...

The Growth Spark team recently put together an article The Agency Post, titled Tips for a Bulletproof Responsive Website. Among the list of tips, we use our own site as example of a “mobile-first approach” to web design. This approach was more than just scaling for small screens, and incorporated how people would actually be using the site, regardless of device. The article covers tips for maximizing both resources and user experience across phones, tablets, and desktop browsers. For the rest of the tips, read the full article here.

After years of presenting deliverables to clients (designs, wireframes, websites, etc . . . ) we have learned that we will never be able to predict a client’s reaction with total confidence. This is not only because design is subjective, but because we may have different visions of the final product. Even if we took the time to understand our clients goals and vision, it is impossible for us to be able to predict the exact product they have in mind. Since we aren't going to nail the design 100% on the first try, it's important that we design quickly...