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Growth Spark 2016 Year in Review

Growth Spark 2016 Year in Review

Justin Hiltz

Growth Spark generated a lot of content in 2016 that we’re immensely proud of! We wanted to curate some of our top articles and guides from the year, just in case there’s something great you may have missed. First up, a trio of our most-read articles that we posted in 2016: Our Top Articles from 2016 How To: Add Product Reviews to Shopify The majority of people read reviews before making a purchase, over 70% to be exact. Product reviews also allow you to maintain contact with your customers, which is an important part of building relationships with your audience....

Converting Visitors Into Customers

Converting Visitors Into Customers

Ross Beyeler

For part 2 of my podcast series with Shopify, we looked at the next phase after acquisition - the ever important process of converting website visitors into paying customers. We talked about some of the ways to improve conversion rates, as well as ways to make your site and company more appealing in a general way. These ideas combine work on the customer-facing side of your business, as well as data analysis on the back end. Listen to the full podcast here.