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In Part 3 of our Guide to Content Planning we demonstrated some best practices for performing a Content Inventory. The process of maintaining a Content Inventory helps to ensure that we account for all our non-product content during an e-commerce migration. We generally leave products out of our Content Inventory as they have unique attributes which set them apart from our other content. In our 4th and final part, we’ll teach you how to create a Product Architecture. A Product Architecture is a document that ensures your product data and metadata migrates successfully when moving between e-commerce platforms. Product Architecture...

In Part 2 of our Guide to Content Planning we covered the best practices for performing a Content Audit. That process helped us determine the content to Keep, Revise, or Remove from our migration process. With Part 3, we’ll teach you how to maintain a Content Inventory, a document tracking the status, structure, and other important details regarding your website’s content during an e-commerce migration. Content Inventory Maintaining a Content Inventory during a website’s migration is important for a couple key reasons, the most important being to ensure that none of your content gets lost during your migration. It will...

In Part 1 of our Guide to Content Planning we covered the basic concepts of Content Planning. We also discussed best practices regarding Sitemaps and their importance in taking inventory of your site’s content and understanding its structure. Here in Part 2, we’ll be discussing Content Audits, a process of determining which content on your site has a positive impact on your e-commerce site’s SEO, and just as importantly, your customers’ online shopping experience! Content Audit Conducting a Content Audit is similar to living in a town that requires you to sort your recycling, you’ll be placing your site content...

Guide to Content Planning Part 1: Sitemaps

Guide to Content Planning Part 1: Sitemaps

Justin Hiltz

Welcome to our Guide to Content Planning. Making the move to a new shopping cart isn’t easy, but this guide aims to remove some of the major pain points of an E-Commerce Migration by teaching preparedness. In this series we’ll focus on best practices for understanding, organizing, and preparing your content for a migration between e-commerce platforms, or as we call it: Content Planning. Content Planning Content planning is one of the most vital steps to an e-commerce migration. Your content is what helps you make sales, so taking the time to familiarize yourself with your content and how it’s...