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Donor-based fundraising is huge nowadays, with platforms like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo receiving tons of traffic and millions of dollars in contributions each year. It makes sense for a lot of reasons, from demonstrating a presence in the market to rustling up pre-release interest in a product. It’s even a great way for for would be inventors and innovators to raise the capital necessary for projects they’d never be able to do on their own. This method of money pooling has its downsides though, namely this: people eventually expect you to deliver on your promises. So many small companies end up... Launches Company Website Launches Company Website

Ross Beyeler

Over the past year, we've heard the same question asked numerous times. "You're a web design company, where is your website?" Every time we hear it, we can't help but laugh. Initially we decided to focus on helping our clients get their own websites up first. Last year, we successfully launched over a dozen projects, many of which are featured in our portfolio. Inspired their success, a new year and upcoming sponsorship of WordCamp Boston, we decided it was about time to go live. We are proud to reveal the new