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Shopify Store Resolutions Every Owner Should Make

Shopify Store Resolutions Every Owner Should Make

Rebecca Gatesman

Is your Shopify store ready to dominate in 2018? If you follow these resolutions this January, get ready to have the most profitable year ever!

4 Holiday Conversion Rate Best Practices

4 Holiday Conversion Rate Best Practices

Growth Spark

The clock is ticking on the holiday shopping season. Hopefully, you’re crushing it. In the event that conversion rates could be better, check out these 4 do-it-today UX optimizations with examples from E-Commerce titans. 

Design projects are not the quickest - that’s something we’ve all come to accept - but because clients are usually under pressure to get things done in a hurry, we’ve learned the importance of expediting whatever components of the process we can. No good designer wants to sacrifice quality for speed, but there are plenty of instances where the typical designer may overlook a simple solution in favor of a design-heavy option - and this simply isn’t necessary in a lot of cases. The “80/20 Rule” is a concept applied to many different areas, essentially saying that the majority of...

Donor-based fundraising is huge nowadays, with platforms like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo receiving tons of traffic and millions of dollars in contributions each year. It makes sense for a lot of reasons, from demonstrating a presence in the market to rustling up pre-release interest in a product. It’s even a great way for for would be inventors and innovators to raise the capital necessary for projects they’d never be able to do on their own. This method of money pooling has its downsides though, namely this: people eventually expect you to deliver on your promises. So many small companies end up...

Defeating The Design Time Sink

Defeating The Design Time Sink

Ross Beyeler

In taking a good, honest look at some of our processes, we made a not-so-pleasant discovery: our projects were taking a lot longer than they should. We analyzed and we dug, and eventually we came up with a few core problems that were dragging out the design process. Because these kinds of issues aren’t unique to our firm, or even unique to the custom website business, I put together an article for Branding Magazine describing the problems we discovered - and the solutions we’re implementing to overcome them. Read the full article here.