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AI is empowering small businesses to leverage customer service in a way that makes them competitive - and even preferable - to the retail giants.
Migrating your e-commerce site to Shopify from another platform can be a complex project, but it doesn’t need to be a struggle.

Eighty percent of buyers are one-and-done. That situation is leaving a lot of potential revenue and growth on the table. The most important aspect of e-commerce customer retention is to maximize customer lifetime value (CLV). Essentially, how much money can you make from that one customer relationship?

Ten ways to promote your e-commerce referral marketing program using influencer marketing.

There comes a point when it becomes important for e-commerce businesses to establish a formal and scalable fulfillment and shipping process. Merchants that make the entire shopping process - including fulfillment and shipping - as smooth as possible for the consumer are rewarded with positive customer reviews and usually enjoy the greatest business longevity.