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Customer data can get a bit unruly. With so many numbers flying around, it can be tough for leaders to make heads or tales of what it actually means for customers, or even figure out how all the information fits together in a cohesive picture of company performance. To overcome this challenge, companies need systems in place to aggregate and interpret data - and that’s where an E-Commerce Lifecycle Platform (ECLP) comes in handy. In an article I wrote for The Future of Commerce, I assembled a three step process for identifying your company’s needs and putting everything together in...

We've spoken with dozens and dozens of e-commerce companies over the years. Although the products being sold range wildly (from custom kitchen aprons to DNA polymerases reg-agents), success for any one of these companies comes down to answering the same four questions: How do I get more people to my website? How do I get more website visitors to make a purchase? How do I efficiently deliver products to my customers? How do I get customers to make repeat purchases? It's easy to see how these four questions relate to what are considered the most important metrics behind a successful...