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Social Commerce: Quick Guide to the Shopify Buy Button

Ross Beyeler

With our previous Social Commerce articles we’ve introduced you to Shopify Sales Channels that integrate with marketplaces and social platforms, such as Facebook or Houzz. In this article, we focus on the Shopify Buy Button, an easy way to sell your products on nearly any platform that allows you to use HTML code.

The Shopify Buy Button

The Buy Button is a sales channel that provides a way for you to sell on blogging platforms such as Wordpress and Squarespace, or e-mail campaigns sent from software such as MailChimp. This is achieved by way of code snippets and URLs that enable you to sell your products directly to your customers in a highly customizable way. There’s even a full Javascript Buy SDK for use in designing custom websites and e-commerce experiences.

A Buy Button is essentially an embeddable button for your products, or an embeddable collection containing multiple products. These provide your customers a way to make purchases directly on the websites of your choosing. All the while giving you the benefits that come with using Shopify, such as their secure checkout and excellent analytics. Buy Buttons are customizable to allow you to create custom looks for the buttons and cart as to match a website’s aesthetic. All the code generated is fully responsive and will work great on mobile and desktop browsers.

Enabling the Shopify Buy Button

Enabling the Shopify Buy Button

Enabling the Buy Button sales channel can be done by visiting the sales channels section of your Shopify admin backend, clicking “Add sales channel” and choosing Buy Button from the list presented. You can also simply follow this link to skip a few steps! Shopify will walk you through the rest of the process and you’ll be ready to sell your products using Buy Buttons!

Setting Product Visibility for Buy Button

You’ll now be able to set the visibility of your products so they can be used with Buy Buttons or shown within embedded Buy Button collections. You can also disable products that you never want to be accessible or used in conjunction with Buy Buttons.

Buy Buttons are included with Shopify Lite plans, making them the most cost effective way to use Shopify for your e-commerce business. A Shopify Lite plan is only $9/month, providing access to Shopify’s point of sale, Facebook integration, and the ability to create custom orders. It’s a great pricing level to begin employing the power of Shopify’s management features and a popular options for companies that don’t have e-commerce as the core focus of their business.

Using the Shopify Buy Button

Shopify Buy Button Channel

Once you’ve enabled the Buy Button you can start using it by heading to the Buy Button sales channel in your Shopify admin. There are three simple ways to add the Shopify e-commerce experience to your favorite platforms. We’ll go over each of them and provide some examples of how to use them.

Embed a Product

Embed a Product Shopify Buy Button Example

Choosing a single product to sell with a Buy Button will provide you with a clickable button that links to the destination of your choosing: checkout, cart, or a product modal. Checkout brings your customers directly to a checkout page, they won’t have the option of adding additional products to their order. Cart will bring people to your shopping cart, this will enable them to edit quantities and add other products to their order. Product modal will display an inline popup featuring the product image and its details, as well as an “Add to cart” button. You’ll have the option to include variant selections or to feature a specific variant. Variants are used for products that come in multiple sizes, colors, or other similar criteria. You can also choose whether to include a product image or just a buy button on its own.

A great way to use single product embeds is within landing pages. Don’t forget that you can have multiple Buy Buttons within a single page! By linking together a few focused landing pages, you can easily create shop-able look books. Look books are a great way to combine the power of storytelling with e-commerce. Creating a narrative around your products helps your audience to envision those products in their own life, and can be an excellent way to convert visitors into paying customers.

Embed a Collection

Embed a Collection Shopify Buy Button Example

Embedding a collection will show your customers an entire selection of products from one of your Shopify Collections. They’ll be able to browse your products, click on them for more details, and add them to their cart. This is great way for showcasing seasonal products or other themed collections. Remember these are going into your own website, where you can create styling tailored specifically to the theme of each collection if you so please!

Embed a Product in Email

Embed a Product in Email Shopify Buy Button Example

Embedding a product in an Email is much like embedding a single product. Instead of generating code to embed within a webpage you’ll receive a unique URL to use within your email campaign’s template. These links will head directly to a checkout, so they’ll only work with a specific variant. This makes embedding in emails ideal for highlighting individual products as we did with the Red Robot Toy seen above. Sending your customers directly to a checkout makes for a great experience, and should see some great conversion rates from interested shoppers.

This article is a part of our Social Commerce series. These articles highlight methods and best practices for improving your e-commerce sales through the use of various Shopify Sales Channels integrations such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Houzz.

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