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Guide to Increasing Conversion

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Secondary Conversion Goals: The Value of Social Follows and Email Sign-Ups in E-Commerce

Secondary Conversion Goals: The Value of Social Follows and Email Sign-Ups in E-Commerce

Secondary Conversion Goals: The Value of Social Follows and Email Sign-Ups in E-Commerce

One of the more difficult parts of running an e-commerce store is keeping people aware and engaged with your brand or website. You can build an impeccably designed website, and offer the finest products, but you can't always count on a visitor making a purchase on their first visit. Attaining social media follows and e-mail subscriptions can increase your conversion rates in the future. These follows and signups are what we call secondary conversion goals, and they can become invaluable tools in your marketing arsenal.

If your visitors aren't ready to commit to buying, you want to grab their attention as to maintain a dialog or keep them engaged until they are ready to make a purchase. Shopify's own research shows that email sign ups reign supreme for sheer engagement rates, but there are plenty of other methods for keeping your customers interested. We'll go over some Shopify apps that will help you meet these secondary conversion goals and some methods to capitalize on them.

Email Sign Ups

As we mentioned above, email is likely going to be your best channel for ensuring that your customers receive your marketing campaigns. Knowing this, you'll want to ensure you entice as many customers as possible to your mailing list. Privy offers a wide variety of options for achieving this, from popups to banners, or even embedded forms. They also have logic built in to display them at the right time to the right people. Add in an easy-to-use editor and you'll have multiple campaigns running on your site without having touched a single line of code. The best part about Privy is its integration with just about every mailing list application on the web, over 25 to be exact! You'll rest easy knowing that your list is growing alongside your conversion rate.

Adding a Product to a Wishlist

It's hard to find an online shop that doesn't offer a wishlist of some kind. That's because they instill visitors with a sense of ownership without having to commit to purchasing a product immediately. With an app such as Wishlist, you can effortlessly enable your customers to start building a list of their favorite products from your site. This small action makes your visitors feel a connection to both your site and its products. On your end you'll be able to run reports and see what items are added most often, or even see what specific users have added to their lists. This gives you the power to create highly tailored and on-target campaigns across all of your marketing channels.

Joining a Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are a great way to entice new customers as they'll know that their actions will lead to future benefits. With ways to reward social sharing, account creation and other simple tasks, your customers can earn points before committing to a purchase. This is excellent for building a relationship as your visitors become repeat customers. You can have all of this with just a few clicks by using Sweet Tooth. They provide a suite of tools and options to make offering and managing a loyalty program extremely straightforward. You'll improve your conversion rates while rewarding your most loyal users, leaving everyone content.

Social Media Follows

Some of your customers won't feel comfortable giving out an email address, but you can still encourage them to follow your social media accounts. Social media is extremely good at strengthening your brand and its core message. The more they see your products and hear your voice, the more likely they are to make a purchase. And you needn't make your visitors scroll to your footer to find your Facebook or Twitter account. With Social Sharing Buttons you can place your social media buttons in a more noticeable location, and even offer special social media offers.

Social Media Call-to-Action Buttons

Once you're gaining follows on your social accounts, you'll want to take full advantage of them! Luckily Shopify has direct integration with a couple of the top social platforms, letting you convert people right from Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter. These channels are simple to set up and will have you creating frictionless buying experiences on some of the best-converting social sites on the web.