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Soothing Babies One Box at a Time

Growth Spark

Prapela Hits the Market with a Trustworthy, Informative New Site

Prapela homepage design on Shopify

In Finland, every newborn receives a simple baby box to sleep in safely until they’re old enough to move to a crib. Prapela is expanding on this idea and integrating new technology developed by Harvard University’s Wyss Institute to help babies born with opioids or other drugs in their system.

The company’s sleeping pad product uses gentle, random vibration (called Stochastic Vibrotactile Stimulation, or SVS) to soothe hyperirritable infants, including babies whose mother used opioids or other drugs during pregnancy.

Prenatal drug use can cause neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS), which results in respiratory distress, hyperirritability, and difficulty sleeping.

In the United States, one newborn is diagnosed with NAS every 15 minutes. Non-pharmacological treatments like swaddling, frequent feedings and skin to skin contact are best, but require significant human resources. Prapela’s product is the only non-pharmacological solution clinically proven to help console NAS infants, so they will eat and sleep.

Prapela’s hospital bassinet pad and baby box for home use have both been clinically proven to improve infant breathing, relaxation and sleep.

Prapela icon graphics

As the company prepared to launch its products, it needed a website to clearly explain the product and its medical benefits both to hospitals and other potential medical customers, as well as individuals and families for at-home use.

Prapela e-commerce product page design on Shopify

Prapela turned to Boston-based agency Opus to develop branding and online content, and Growth Spark was brought on-board to build the new site.

Prapela homepage navigation

The primary goal for the Prapela site was to provide validation of the company and it’s product, and to clearly communicate what the SVS sleep pad is and how it works.

Prapela media press block

Launched in November, the site design is built on the Turbo prebuilt theme. Simple graphics highlight the primary product benefits, and links to clinical studies and press coverage offer product validation.

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