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Nested Bean Soothes Sleepless Babies (and Parents) With a New, Easier-to-Use Shopify Site

Growth Spark

Sweet, precious sleep. For parents of young babies, sleep can be elusive. Imagine staring bleary-eyed at a screen in the wee hours of the night, trying desperately to find anything that will help get the baby to sleep.

If you’re a parent, you don’t have to imagine. You’ve been there. And you’re probably not surprised that sleep deprivation can have the same effect as being drunk.

In that state of mind, five clicks to find a product that offers the promise of better sleep is simply asking too much.

Nested Bean asked Growth Spark to help optimize and redesign their Shopify site to make it easier and more appealing for parents to find and purchase the company’s lightly-weighted baby swaddles, sleep sacks, and pajamas.

Soft as Baby’s Bottom: A Soothing Site Design in the Midst of Rebranding

Nested Bean was in the middle of working with a branding firm to rebrand their identity when we were brought on board to improve the website. The company’s brand colors, iconography, and other graphic elements were changing. It was important for the new branding and identity to be clearly and consistently reflected in the site design as well.

To better appeal to Nested Bean’s predominantly female audience, including expectant mothers, new mothers, and grandmothers / family / friends, the design focuses on softening the brand’s overall look.

The new online store uses the new color palette along with large imagery, simple navigation, and minimal text.

So Simple You Can Almost Shop in Your Sleep

If you could sleep, that is.

For sleep-deprived parents, it was important to minimize the number of clicks needed to get to the product or information needed. Our goal was to deliver frictionless product information, image viewing, size selection, and add to cart actions.

With only 15 primary products (and variants of each), the past site required an average of five clicks per visit.

Our design and development team streamlined the navigation and collection pages to ensure fewer clicks for shoppers.

Product pages use emotional imagery and minimal text to appeal to shoppers needs and address their questions and sticking points.

A product quiz app integration helps guide shoppers to the right product for their needs based on their child’s age and weight.

Selling the Science Behind Sleep

“Once upon a time, there was a baby who wouldn’t sleep and a mom who needed some rest…”

That line begins the “Our Story” page on the Nested Bean site. The company’s founder and CEO, Manasi Gangan, developed the world’s first gently-weighted swaddle to help her own infant son sleep more comfortably and soundly.

Product development involved extensive scientific research, consulting with doctors and pediatric pulmonologists, safety lab testing, and reviews from other mothers.

However, the company found that too much emphasis on the science behind the products was lost on shoppers. Shoppers want to know that Nested Bean products are safe and work, and they need a reason to accept the higher price point, but the information also needs to be easily and quickly digestible and not interfere with the shopping experience.

New navigation includes “How it Works” and “Learn” tabs to host the majority of the scientific information and keep it separate from the product pages.

An “FAQ” box at the bottom panel of the product detail pages offers more product-specific explanations to answer transactional sticking points.

Pumping Up the Social Proof

Reviews and social proof from other mothers and families are a powerful influencer for Nested Bean shoppers. To bring this piece to the forefront, the new site features reviews on all of the product pages, and a link for “Reviews” in the primary navigation.

The new Nested Bean site launched in September. The simplified navigation structure, branding and design update, and thoughtful blending of product information and scientific explanation have already been a huge success for the brand.

With its new Shopify store, Nested Bean is connecting better with more parents, and helping customers and their babies sleep better and longer.

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