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The Cabbage Patch Kids Website Grows Up: A New, Modern UX for a Beloved Brand

Growth Spark

Even if you weren’t a child of the 80’s who treasured a yarn-haired Cabbage Patch Kid (that your parents probably waited hours in line at the toy store to buy - it was definitely the “it” toy of the era), you certainly know someone who did. Cabbage Patch Kids are an icon of childhood nostalgia and a legacy brand that remains relevant and beloved decades after they were born.

Although you may not find Cabbage Patch Kids in every local toy store today, the brand’s e-commerce presence is strong and hugely popular among its customers. However, over the years, the e-commerce site had become dated: it wasn’t mobile-friendly, had no search engine optimization or sitemap, and its Magento platform was increasingly difficult for staff to manage.

It was time for Cabbage Patch Kids to get a new website to reinforce its strong, enduring brand presence and deliver a mobile-responsive experience, and a new platform to help staff more easily manage the e-commerce store’s back end. The company made the decision to transition from Magento to Shopify, and connected with Growth Spark to design and develop a new e-commerce site and store.

Cabbage Patch Kids e-commerce site

A Playful, Colorful Design with Streamlined UX

Cabbage Patch Kids is a great, strong brand. They know who they are, and who their customers are, and they have tons of historical assets that could be leveraged for the site design. Any new content needs were provided by the brand’s on-site photographer and graphic designer.

Cabbage Patch Kids e-commerce design concept

The design concept uses existing brand illustrations and colors to create a simple, easy-to-navigate e-commerce experience that evokes the simplicity and playfulness of childhood. The custom build on our proprietary Growth Spark theme framework focused on the customer’s browsing experience to inform organization and functionality.

Cabbage Patch Kids e-commerce product customizer

Easier Filtering

Nearly 1,000 different products were migrated from the old site to the new Shopify site, with a lot of custom attributes, filtering, and tagging systems to help customers find kids based on eye color, hair color, gender, size, and skin tone. A filtering system on the collection pages offers an easy tool for shoppers to find exactly what they’re looking for. A product customizer also offers customers the option to design their own personalized Cabbage Patch Kid, including adding blush, eyelashes, and other details on certain kids.

Simplified Collections

The old site had more than thirty collections. By simplifying the classifications of Cabbage Patch Kids into three primary collections (Toy Cabbage Patch Kids, Exclusive Cabbage Patch Kids, and Hand-stitched Cabbage Patch Kids), it became easier for the customer to understand the collections and buy. Each collection has different price points, and a different look and feel on the site.

Cabbage Patch Kids e-commerce brand

Brand Identity Reflected in Site Details

With such a long history, it was easy to add creative details throughout the site that reinforce and reflect the brand, like a shopping cart that’s called a “Baby Buggy”, and buttons that suggest people “Adopt” rather than buy.

Cabbage Patch Kids e-commerce brand

Improved Product Data Management

On the old site, staff resorted to using the Magento front end for administrative data needs, like style number search. Shopify’s easy-to-use back end makes it easier and faster for Cabbage Patch Kids staff to access and manage product data.

The Best: During our standard client training, the Cabbage Patch Team was so delighted that their work was going to get a lot easier that they were actually *cheering*. #bestpartofthejob 


Mobile Responsiveness

The three-month project just launched in June 2018, and early traffic is already showing the impact that a mobile-responsive site is making. The past site had no mobile functionality at all, and since the new site launched, it's seen 12,000 mobile visitors (and only 4,000 desktop visitors).Transitioning from Magento (or Any Other Platform) to Shopify

Transitioning from Magento (or Any Other Platform) to Shopify

Moving from a familiar and long-standing platform to something new can be intimidating, but the process can be a great opportunity to strengthen branding and deliver an even better user experience for a brand’s customers. Teaming up with an experienced partner can make the entire process - from design to data transfer - easier and faster than you’d expect.

Take it from our client at Cabbage Patch Kids, who said:

"The conversion from Magento to Shopify proved to be a smooth ride with very few bumps, which are certainly expected in the design, web development and transitional process. If I had it to do all over again I would choose Growth Spark as a developer. You guys are the best!"

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