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Launch: Zentangle

Launch: Zentangle

Launch: Zentangle


Zentangle screenshot

Zentangle is a creative process that leads to structured designs and various patterns, designed by Rick Roberts and Mary Thomas. This relaxing, meditative art form has caught on with crafters around the globe, as it is approachable for beginners who have nothing but a pencil to get started, but the experience can be enhanced a thousand- fold with their products and classes. There’s even some rumor that they started the adult coloring book craze!

What We Did

Zentangle came to us with a custom- built website that had proven unwieldy and clunky, and simply wasn’t serving their back end needs. We migrated them to Shopify, which has made both the Zentangle team and their fulfillment partners very happy! We were also able to build out extra functionality to accommodate their Certified Zentangle Teacher program (shhh, there’s a whole secret part of the website for these special members).

The Zentangle team had a very specific vision for their design, and they drove the aesthetics while we worked on making their new website as functional as it is beautiful. Our design team took their color choices and images, and built out a total web presence for them, including a fully equipped mobile presence.

Our Favorite Part

Zentangle teachers

By far the capstone of this project was building out the Certified Zentangle Teacher pages, which are only viewable if Zentangle confirms your status and tags your account. This tag makes a significant number of pages visible to the user once applied, and added a significant level of functionality to the website.

Our development team, led by Tina Yeung, created the site by approaching the project as a wholesale website, which opened up a whole category of tools that helped us create an ideal solution for Zentangle’s program.

As fellow artists, we appreciate the value that Zentangle brings to its customers, and we were honored to be able to help them spread the word of their meditative and creative crafting process with their customers.

Joe Grooming