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Launch: The Black Dog

Launch: The Black Dog

Launch: The Black Dog

The Black Dog

The Black Dog is a company started by Robert Douglas on Martha’s Vineyard, a small island off the coast of Massachusetts. Martha’s Vineyard was, and still remains, an extremely popular summertime vacation destination. The lively summers captivated Robert as he sat with his dog, ‘Black Dog’, watching the people come and go. The winters were much quieter, sparking Robert’s dream of opening a place where people could dine and chat year-round, and so The Black Dog Tavern opened its doors in 1971.

What was once just a small dining establishment now includes a full-fledged merchandising brand, featuring clothing and accessories for men, women, children, and of course, dogs! The Black Dog’s products were once exclusive to visitors of Martha’s Vineyard, but they’re now available online and at dozens of retail stores spread across Massachusetts.

Easy to Navigate, Easy to Manage

The Black Dog Shop Navigation

The Black Dog was a joint-venture between ourselves and our friends at Jackrabbit Design. Jackrabbit handled the design, and we were on development duty! The Black Dog sells a wide array of products and their old shop had become cumbersome and difficult to navigate. We were able to restructure their navigation, making it easier for their customers to browse the shop. Alongside this change we also made their products easier to manage by leveraging the power and flexibility of Shopify’s ‘automated collections’. This allows The Black Dog to simply tag their products and Shopify will automatically sort them into their appropriate categories.

Prettier Products

The Black Dog Product Page

Providing a great shopping experience doesn’t end with navigation! By adding color swatches, product badges and related product recommendations, we were able to make The Black Dog shop more fun and engaging. Customers can now be sure of their color choices, identify sale items at a glance, and locate items similar to the ones they’re browsing.

Finding Your Local Black Dog

The Black Dog Store Locator

With their ever-growing number of retail stores, it’s important that The Black Dog’s customers can find the location nearest to them. We used an excellent Shopify app called Store Locator from Bold Commerce, providing us with an ultra-customizable store location solution that’s fully backed by Google Maps. Store Locator allows The Black Dog to easily manage their store locations, store hours, and other location-specific information.

Looking to the Future

The Black Dog has a new shop that offers their customers a great shopping experience, and their employees a great administration experience. But, running an e-commerce business is a 24/7 job, which means that e-commerce projects are usually never truly finished! We are actively working to integrate ChainDrive, The Black Dog’s backoffice management platform, into their Shopify backend. This will further streamline the management of their website, making for increased efficiency! We consider any project a success when a client is able to manage the important aspects of their online store with great ease!