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Launch: Joe Grooming

Launch: Joe Grooming

Launch: Joe Grooming

Joe Grooming

Joe Grooming is a high-end producer of naturally sourced men’s grooming products. The brand is committed to serving the needs of the everyman, while also bringing male aesthetics to new heights through their work with professional salon and barbershop professionals. We can personally attest that there is no other producer of balms, shampoos, soaps and colognes that makes us feel better or look sharper.

What We Did

With products so high end and beautiful, Joe Grooming needed a site to match. They came to us with a somewhat outdated site that lacked definitive branding and was, simply put, ineffective. Additionally, their showcase and their store were split into two different websites.

Our first step was to migrate their domain to Shopify, which gave us the flexibility and functionality to really create the web presence they were looking for. We collaborated with their team to develop a consolidated, unified presence that shows off their products in a modern, minimalist design that appeals incredibly well to their two target markets: men looking for the best in all-natural grooming products, and high end salons looking to elevate their business with the best product offerings.

Our Favorite Part

Joe Grooming Product Page

While the page embraces monochrome minimalism, it takes a slight (but eye catching) departure on each product page. Every product offered by Joe Grooming is labelled with a specific Pantone color. To subtly highlight this and make it more appealing to shoppers without being overwhelming, our Creative Director, Andy Thayer, ingeniously created a product page that shifts accent colors to match the current product on display.

Minimalist designs can be hyper-functional, but are a challenge to do correctly - but as the Joe Grooming team found out, Growth Spark is up for every design request. We work with your vision, and use our expertise to guide your brand to the perfect mix of form and function, continually fine tuning until we’ve exceeded your expectations. We loved working on this site, and with the founders of Joe Grooming, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for this brand.