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Launch: HumanCentric

Launch: HumanCentric

Launch: HumanCentric


HumanCentric screenshot

HumanCentric designs and manufactures elegant and convenient home and office products that make life easier and work more productive. Whether you’re creating a corporate oasis or perfecting your home workstation, their selection of mounts, adapters and accessories will make it look like your screens were built into your home, and there’s not a cord out of place (or visible at all). If you hate clutter, you love HumanCentric.

What We Did

This brand has a long history of successful selling through Amazon, and are already one of the top providers of mounts for corporate offices. However, they came to Growth Spark with the desire to start building a more concrete brand identity, and increase the number of repeat purchases and loyal customers, and trusted their first direct-to-consumer e-commerce presence to our team.

HumanCentric’s brand leaders are some of the most technically savvy individuals we’ve had the pleasure to work with recently, and collaborating with them was all about showcasing exactly what their products do. In order for the new website to work, it would have to make their products exciting and inspiring. This was achieved by focusing on rich photography  that showed the actual difference that the right mounting hardware can make in an overall room aesthetic.

Our Favorite Part

HumanCentric environments

A big part of the project was inspiring website visitors to buy multiple items as a bundle. Our solution was to build out a highly functional and eye-catching Environments page, which showcases groups of products at a time. This page meshes perfectly with the rest of the website, which our Creative Director, Andy Thayer, designed to be one of our most aesthetically pleasing websites yet.

This project has an incredible number of back end integrations that make the whole website work so well, and will continue to grow over time as we collaborate with the HumanCentric team. Check back soon, and see what new functionality we’ve enabled!