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Launch: Assouline

Launch: Assouline

Launch: Assouline


Assouline is a luxury book publisher that creates gorgeous pieces fit for the most exquisite coffee tables, as well as accessories and chic furniture. If you’re developing a personal library, or simply appreciate the value in great illustration and high quality bindings, you’re not going to want to miss this brand. Having one of their creations will distinguish your library (or even reading nook) as a safe haven of culture and class.

What We Did

When Assouline came to us, they were looking for a website redesign motivated by a need for a backend change. Their previous site was hosted on Magento, which was too complicated and unwieldy for their needs. This was making fulfillment a nightmare for them, but luckily, Shopify and the Growth Spark team were able to create a brand new system that’s incredibly easy to use.

Assouline also had several design changes they were looking for along with added functionality, and the project resulted in a massive overhaul of the brand’s aesthetic. The new black and white color scheme that we ended up with really lets their beautiful work shine throughout the site, which is what their viewers are really there to see. The completed look is the perfect product of our collaboration.

Our Favorite Part

Assouline product page

We’re incredibly happy with how the product page came out. Our developer, Tina Yeung, came up with a gorgeous scrolling and scaling UI that allows desktop users to see the full spread of the book, without making the site impossible to use on mobile.  

The entire Growth Spark team was so thrilled to be a part of this project, and really flex all of the skills we have as an agency: perfecting back end functionality and integrations, working with existing client partnerships, and, of course, making a great user experience through high quality design.

Joe Grooming