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La Quercia | Shopify: Broadcast Theme

Nicole Dean

La Quercia Cured Meats

As their online business grew, the La Quercia Cured Meats family needed an eCommerce website that matched its high-quality products and growing business. Growth Spark and La Quercia worked together to create a roadmap to upgrade the Shopify store with a new style guide and responsive theme.



The Growth Spark team launched the new Shopify instance in weeks compared to months. The new store boasts fast load times, a sleek new design that matches the brand aesthetic, and yields true mobile responsiveness.

La Quercia now enjoys a best-in-breed Shopify store with modern functionality, upgraded design, and optimized UX. In addition, because we executed the project under the Growth Spark model, they reap the reward of being powered by Shopify’s top eCommerce agency, but for a fraction of the price and timeline required.

To learn more about this project, read the case study.


Website Audit:

When we took a look at La Quercia’s original website, we realized that the look and feel did not reflect the high-quality aesthetics of their strong existing branding, product, and packaging. To fix this, we worked on modernizing the site, giving it some life and interactivity, and adding visual storytelling content. The goal was to get the customer to see their products, like what they see, and immediately get them to convert to customers and purchase their food.

First, we included a mega menu with imagery to entice people to shop and explore as visually as they can. Second, we used their strong storytelling content from their About page and brought it to other parts of the site. This educates their customers on their brand, and how they create their products.

Being in the food industry and how often people “eat with their eyes,” we wanted to take advantage of their strong imagery and use bigger product images on their Product Listing Page. There was a large opportunity for creating a visual, luxurious shopping experience. We also wanted to showcase examples of their product in recipe form. The Recipes existed on their original site but were not displayed. Adding the recipes to the homepage and mega menu experience entices customers to buy the product and try out the recipe for themselves.

To entice customers to purchase, we added images to Product Detail Pages that showcase the products used in person, for example, sharing a Charcuterie Board with friends at a dinner party in addition to the actual product shots. It lets the customer imagine the product in use in their own home. 

The last initiative we wanted to focus on was the checkout experience. Shopify already has a specially made checkout process. Each theme offers a unique way to get a customer to get to the checkout. We decided it would be best to implement a slide-out cart as a visual representation of the item(s) added to the cart. A slide-out cart allows the customer to quickly open their cart and see what they have before they go to the checkout without having to leave the page they’re on.

We determined the main problems we had to solve for La Quercia. It was now time to select the Shopify theme that fit them perfectly.

Chosen Shopify Theme: Broadcast

Growth Spark chose Broadcast as the theme that best fits La Quercia. Broadcast is a beautifully designed theme that functions great on all device sizes.

Broadcast is best for high-volume stores with more than 100 products in their catalog, physical stores, and quick setup. It’s also great for industries such as clothing & accessories, health & beauty, art & entertainment. Here at Growth Spark, we don’t choose a theme based on industry. We choose themes that will provide the client’s customers with the best shopping experience possible.

This theme is very image-focused and provides a visual shopping experience across the entire store. As mentioned before, their customers “eat with their eyes” so this was an important feature for us. The Quick Shop and Slide-Out Cart were also perfect for this client. Overall, Broadcast ticked off all of the marks that we came up with during our initial site audit.


Theme Features

Cart & Checkout

  • Cart notes
  • Quick buy
  • Slide-out cart
  • Sticky cart

Marketing & Conversion

  • Cross-selling
  • Customizable contact form
  • FAQ page
  • Product badges
  • Product reviews
  • Promo banners
  • Promo popups
  • Recently viewed
  • Recommended products


  • Animation
  • Color swatches
  • Image galleries
  • Image hotspot
  • Image zoom
  • Product tabs
  • Shipping/delivery information
  • Size chart
  • Slideshow

Product Discovery

  • Back-to-top button
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Collection page navigation
  • Mega menu
  • Product filtering and sorting
  • Recently viewed
  • Recommended products
  • Sticky header


Pros & Cons


  • Gives you the option to shop right from the homepage
  • Slide out cart that opens upon adding a product to your cart
  • Allows quick view option on product cards
  • Allows secondary image on hover
  • Allows for story-telling content on the Product Detail Page
  • Good for cross-pollination of content
  • Mobile is done in a very intuitive way for the end user to flow through


  • Content section options are slightly limited on Product Detail Page
  • You are limited to how the structure of the Product Detail Page is laid out
  • The mega menu is basic with minor customization


    This theme was designed and created by Invisible Themes.

    Check out our visual guide for Shopify’s Broadcast theme to see this theme in more detail.

    Hit "F" on your keyboard to view in full screen, and "F" again or "esc" to close!

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