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How To: Add Related Products to Shopify

Justin Hiltz

Our “How To” guides are a continuing series of articles demonstrating simple ways to implement the most commonly requested features for running a successful e-commerce business on Shopify. In this article we’ll teach you about related products and how to add them to your online shop.

Related Products Example

Related products are one of the simplest forms of cross-selling that you can add to your Shopify store. Showing your customers additional products that complement the products they are viewing is an effective way to increase the average value of your e-commerce sales.

Establishing which products to present, and where, can be a difficult process. We’ll cover some best practices to follow when choosing your related products. Try to consider the value of the related products in contrast to the main product. In the best case scenario you want your customer to add the main product and one of the related products. If you feature products of a similar value, your customer may purchase those items instead of the original product, losing your chance to cross-sell. Choosing related products that are well-reviewed, high-selling, or of a similar theme, can also be great strategies. You’ll eventually find what works best for your company, just keep experimenting!

Related Products Apps for Shopify

Some Shopify themes offer a related products widget, but they are extremely basic in their functionality. They will pull random products from the same Shopify collection, offering very little in the way of customization. By adding a related products app to Shopify, you’ll gain the ability to tailor the products shown to your customers. Some apps automate the process for you, using artificial intelligence to fine-tune its related product choices. Other apps allow you to hand-pick every item shown alongside other products.

Regardless of your needs, we’ll cover some Shopify related products apps that will help you cross-sell in your store! The Shopify App Store offers alternatives to those featured here, but we picked out some of our favorites! We’ll go over their features and the simple process of adding these apps to Shopify.


Linkcious Logo

Linkcious is an app that takes the guess work out of choosing related products. By employing artificial intelligence, Linkcious picks products for you automatically. This is done by a constant A/B testing process that happens in the background. A/B testing is a practice wherein you present variations of marketing materials to different groups to see which performs best. The better performing material (‘A’ or ‘B’) is then shown to a wider audience, likely improving your conversions!

The free tier of Linkcious is limited by the number of impressions (1,500/month) and you’ll be unable to manually choose any products. Linkcious’ various pricing tiers increase the number of impressions and the number of manually chosen products you can pick. You’ll also gain access to optional keyword tagging to improve your SEO.


Cross-Sell Logo

Cross-Sell is our related products app of choice if you prefer to manually choose all of your featured items. You’ll be given the freedom to handpick the exact set of items shown alongside each product. Cross-sell also allows you to pick a default set of products for displaying alongside items for which you haven’t set specifically. There’s also a feature that will let you highlight a set of products on your cart page! If necessary, you can disable Cross-Sell from appearing on specific products or pages with great ease. The folks at Cross-Sell have also made great efforts to ensure that their app works with a wide variety of Shopify themes, and will even assist with implementing it shall you have any issues. You get all of this for just $7/month!

How to Add Apps on Shopify

How to Add Apps on Shopify

Once you’ve found the related products app you want to use, you’ll want to actually add it to your Shopify store, right? Thankfully, that’s a painless task given Shopify’s ease-of-use. Simply navigate to the app of your choice, and click the large green “Get” button. Shopify will guide you through a series of on-screen prompts and you should be ready to use your new app! Do note that some apps will require further steps, be sure to read their Shopify App Store entries to be wary of any special cases.

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