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How To: Add Inventory Management to Shopify

How To: Add Inventory Management to Shopify

How To: Add Inventory Management to Shopify

Our “How To” guides are a continuing series of articles demonstrating simple ways to implement the most commonly requested features for running a successful e-commerce business on Shopify. In this article we’ll teach you about inventory management and how to add it to your online shop.

Inventory Management Example

Inventory management generally refers to the practice of analyzing, syncing, or managing stock levels for products. Most stores can utilize the built-in inventory management capabilities provided by Shopify, but shops that sell on additional platforms/channels (i.e. Amazon, eBay, etc.) or have many SKUs should seek out a more robust inventory management solution.

Some benefits gained by utilizing an inventory management system include inventory projections, purchase order management, and detailed stock analytics. Keeping a tight inventory is crucial to running a successful e-commerce business. Ordering too many products can lead to your money being tied up in in inventory, ordering too few can lead to sold out products and upset customers!

Inventory Management Apps for Shopify

Adding an inventory management app to your Shopify store will be mostly invisible to your customers. This is one integration where you, the shop owner, receive the bulk of the benefits. You’ll gain access to detailed reports about your store’s inventory, and more robust searching and filtering of your products. Some inventory management systems include the ability to sync inventory levels across multiple sales channels, solving the hassle of manually balancing your inventories. Others focus solely on assisting with your Shopify inventory, projecting which products to stock and when to do so.

Regardless of your needs, we’ll cover some Shopify inventory management apps that will help you run your e-commerce business more effectively! The Shopify App Store offers alternatives to those featured here, but we picked out some of our favorites! We’ll go over their features and the simple process of adding these apps to Shopify.

Stitch Labs

Stitch Labs Logo

Stitch Labs is our inventory management app of choice for shops which sell through multiple channels. Stitch Labs integrates with the most popular accounting, e-commerce, point-of-sale, and shipping & fulfillment platforms available. This includes QuickBooks, Shopify, Amazon, Vend, and ShipStation, amongst many others. Using Stitch Labs to integrate your platforms means you can sync inventory across sales channels, or view detailed accounting reports or sales data.

Stitch Labs has an endless number of features and abilities. You’ll have access to projected stock-out dates, low stock alerts, and the ability to auto-create purchase orders. Stitch Labs can even integrate your company’s wholesale division alongside its retail operation. It’s a truly powerful platform that can save you an endless amount of time so you can focus on growing your e-commerce business!


Stocky Logo

Stocky is an excellent inventory management app if Shopify is the only platform through which you sell. Forecasting is a major feature of Stocky, allowing you to make smart purchasing decisions with regards to your inventory. Stocky’s forecasting can be based on seasonal trends, which references last year’s sales, or on recent performance, which analyzes performance over a given period. With Stocky you can also can enter incoming inventory quantities in advance. Upon receiving the shipment you can merge those quantities into your live inventory with a simple button press!

How to Add Apps on Shopify

How To Add Shopify Apps

Once you’ve found the inventory management app you want to use, you’ll want to actually add it to your Shopify store, right? Thankfully, that’s a painless task given Shopify’s ease-of-use. Simply navigate to the app of your choice, and click the large green “Get” button. Shopify will guide you through a series of on-screen prompts and you should be ready to use your new app! Do note that some apps will require further steps, be sure to read their Shopify App Store entries to be wary of any special cases.