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How To: Add An Instagram Social Feed To Shopify

How To: Add An Instagram Social Feed To Shopify

How To: Add An Instagram Social Feed To Shopify

Our “How To” guides are a continuing series of articles demonstrating simple ways to implement the most commonly requested features for running a successful e-commerce business on Shopify. In this article we’ll teach you about ‘Instagram social feeds’ and how to add them to your online shop.

More than just a simple social media app, Instagram is a must-use for e-commerce business owners. A visually-driven platform, Instagram allows you to showcase the best you have to offer your customers while developing a community of engaged followers. Instagram has even solidified its place amongst e-commerce brands by streamlining the journey from spotting to purchasing an item on Instagram with ‘shoppable Instagram galleries’. See something you like on Instagram? With shoppable Instagram, you can add to cart and purchase in just a few clicks!

If you haven’t made the leap to shoppable Instagram galleries, but are taking the time to maintain an Instagram account, you should definitely take a moment to add an Instagram social feed to your website. An Instagram social feed will update in Shopify as you post to your Instagram account, letting your customers see the latest you’ve been sharing.

Below we’ll show you a step-by-step guide to integrating our preferred ‘Instagram social feed’ app, and the basics to configuring the app for your unique purposes.

Social Media Feeds by Juicer

Social Media Feeds by Juicer is our app of choice because it’s super customizable, syncs up to over 18 different social media channels, and it’s easy to use and setup. You can also create a feed for more than just your own Instagram posts, meaning you could feature posts for a particular campaign, contest, or giveaway!

While Juicer is not a Shopify app, it does integrate seamlessly with Shopify. We’ll get into that a bit later.

Step 1: Create a Juicer account

Step 1: Create a Juicer account

Step 2: Create your Instagram social feed – Add your social media source

Step 2: Create your Instagram social feed - Add your social media source

Step 3: Enter your Instagram username

Step 4: Authorize your Instagram account

If this is your first time setting up Instagram in Juicer, you might be asked to verify your Instagram account by entering your Instagram API token. To do this, Juicer will redirect you to Pixel Union’s Instagram Access Token Generator to generate your unique Instagram API token. Once you have your Instagram API token, just copy/paste it into Juicer and you’ll be good to go.

Step 5: Customize your Instagram social feed

Juicer allows you to customize many aspects of your social media feeds, but they make it easy to choose a clean and simple ‘feed style’ that aligns with your brand. You can choose from nine different Instagram social feed styles!

For Instagram social feeds on Shopify, you might consider the ‘slider’ or ‘widget’ style since both offer engaging, animated views of your Instagram feeds.

Feed Style - Slider

Feed Style - Widget

Then you can customize your feed size, Instagram post order, and even filter your feed to display only Instagram images or videos.

Step 6: Add your Instagram social feed to Shopify

To add your Instagram social feed to Shopify, you have two options.

Option #1 -- Generate a new Shopify page with your Instagram social feed

Enter your domain to connect your Shopify site to Juicer:

Then name the page you want Juicer to create with your Instagram social feed:

Once you add Juicer to Shopify, Juicer will create a simple page with your Instagram social feed embedded within:

If you aren’t looking to design a new page around your Instagram social feed, consider Option 2!

Option #2 – Add an Instagram social feed to an existing Shopify page

First, navigate over to the page you’d like to add your Instagram feed to and access your admin panel by selecting “Customize Theme”:

Next, add a new section of ‘custom HTML’ content to your page. Start by adding a section to your page:

Under ‘advanced layout,’ select ‘custom content’:

In your newly created ‘custom content’ section, hit ‘add content’ and choose ‘custom HTML’:

In Juicer, change the embed code to ‘Standard Website’:

And then copy/paste the code into your Custom HTML section:

For slider style social feeds, you’ll probably want to change your container width to 100%:

If you’re going for the widget style feed, you might consider leaving the container width at 50% and populating the other half of the section with a note about what your customers might enjoy by following you on Instagram.

Step 7: Grow your Instagram reach

That’s it! Now your Shopify visitors can easily engage with and enjoy the Instagram social posts you choose to showcase on your site.

Create Instagram social feeds to share your most recent posts, your most popular posts, or even posts for a particular campaign hashtag. Thanks to Juicer, the opportunities to create a variety of Instagram social feeds are endless!

Additional Instagram Social Feed Apps

Here are some other options for ‘Instagram social feed’ apps if Juicer isn’t the right app for you: