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Clara Williams: Inspiring Organization

Rebecca Gatesman

Jewelry can elevate an outfit, but finding unique pieces on major marketplaces can be tough. Our client, Clara Williams, knew that in order to stand out, they’d have to create a branded website worthy of their dazzling products.

The team at Clara Williams knows that competition is fierce in high-end luxury e-commerce, and knew they’d need a superior Shopify store. They came to us with an established brand and well-developed vision if their design. We were able to help bring that to life via a robust, functional backend.

Expanding On A Solid Foundation

To fit Clara Williams’ requirements, we decided to start on a pre-built theme. We chose the Shopify theme Turbo, which is popular, gorgeous as-is, and very fast. By using this theme as our foundation, we were able to shorten the project cycle and stay within costs, without sacrificing features.

This project was also unique in that our CEO and Founder, Ross Beyeler, was able to get back into the weeds and served as project manager. “Reconnecting with the day to day operations is key for staying centered and realistic as an agency leader - and getting to dive into it with Clara Williams was just as exciting as when I first started out as a Shopify designer.”

A Dazzling Lookbook

Clara Williams Lookbook

As a high-end jewelry collection, the Clara Williams lookbook is incredibly important to the brand’s success - and we didn’t want there to be any limitations on how they could showcase their inventory.

Attention To “Collections”

Clara Williams Collections: Necklaces

We chose to power the organization of their Collections page, which is an incredibly critical feature of their website, with infrastructure powered by Nextopia. This app offers unparalleled filtering options and a seamless Shopify integration. The results, which are sorted via a number of factors, including color, category and other style guides, is inspiring and attractive.

Catching The Light

We were so inspired by the story of Clara Williams - who uses her career in technology to create unique jewelry - and are very happy with the results of this project. Online luxury jewelry sales is a rapidly growing market, and the opportunity to assist a company in succeeding via Shopify is one that we were happy to accept. We look forward to a long partnership with Clara Williams, and many more accessory merchants to come.

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