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Charlie Hustle: Vintage Threads, New Shopify Web Design

Rebecca Gatesman

Warmer temperatures is a prompt to break out your coolest t-shirts and casualwear, and head to the park, local festivals, and backyard parties. Our client, Charlie Hustle, caters their apparel line to sports lovers who have an eye for vintage and an appreciation for history. They have a strong brand that encourages customers to be comfortable in their own skin and celebrate their roots, and they came to Growth Spark with the desire for an online presence that reflects those values.

Their original site was becoming overburdened with apps and plugins, which needed to be pruned away to allow the core messages and themes to show again. Additionally, the Charlie Hustle team was looking to streamline their overall aesthetic to incorporate more subtle design features while emphasizing their products more prominently.

Shopify For Simplicity

We chose to host their new website on Shopify, and really pare down how many features were included. By focusing in on the customer experience, we were able to create an efficient, fast paced and intuitive UI without sacrificing any brand personality.

On their new website, we keep the number of apps to a minimum, though some are still active to move the customer from one stage to another. We also stuck to a fairly common foundation template, so that shoppers wouldn’t feel lost or turned around, using design elements to differentiate the brand instead of unnecessarily unique navigation.

Charlie Hustle footer

Our favorite detail? The stadium in the footer! We love this touch, dreamed up by our designer, Andy Thayer, which showcases the main theme of the brand without getting in the way of the shopping experience.

Designers, Assemble!

A unique factor in our relationship with Charlie Hustle is that their founder, Chase McAnulty, started his career as a graphic designer for a consumer brand, which meant we were able to dive deep into collaboration with him and his team from day one.

We maintained a close working relationship with the Charlie Hustle team throughout the entire process, which enriched our own process and allowed us to verify that the client was pleased with even the smallest details in real time.

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