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4 Easy Things You Should Know About Your Email Database

Ross Beyeler

This post is written by Dan Scudder, VP Business Development at Privy, a platform specialized in driving email list growth through website popups and landing pages. Growth Spark has partnered with Privy to bring their technology and free Shopify app to our clients.

Having an email list is a great way to build long-term customer relationships. At Privy, we help businesses more rapidly grow their email list with easy website popups and landing pages. We often get questions related to email, and one of the most common threads is “I don’t understand who is in my email list”. So we wanted to share a few easy tips that will help you learn more about your email list without too much effort:

1. What are the demographics of my email database?

Knowing the demographics of your email list will help you personalize your email messaging. For example, what is the gender breakdown or the age split? Look at names, social profiles, and more to understand more about your list and then segment accordingly to improve response rates. MailChimp Social Profiles provides this, as well as insight from Tower Data.


2. Are these business or personal email addresses?

A quick look at the common email domains in your list will give you this answer. You’ll instantly learn more about your list and also be more intelligent about when you send to your list. For example, if they are primarily business email addresses, they are less likely to check their email during the weekends. Also, business domains give you a sense of the type of people in your list and you can find more similar customers through that.

3. Where are these email signups coming from?

Understanding the sources of your email signups will help you drive even more list growth by focusing your resources on what’s working. Is your website driving the most email signups? Or a specific landing page you’ve linked to from social media? Or a signup form embedded in a blog post?

4. Why did these people sign up for my list?

What are you promising in return for being part of your email list? Are they expecting coupons? Exclusive content? Or something else? If you know why people are joining your list, you are more likely to send them content that they will engage with - and that will result in more sales, social media followers, and more.

Now that you know more about your email list, we expect you to be more relevant with your messaging, smarter with your marketing budget allocation, and better at driving sales.

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